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Compensation Matters

Read and download our series of articles that provide expertise and tips on how to design your organization’s compensation program.

Organizational Analysis

Organizational Analysis Definition: The process of identifying and analyzing the basic components of an organization in order to understand it’s underlying structure and business performance. Download Article Beginning a compensation program is
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Job Analysis

Job Analysis Definition: The process of analyzing the critical components of a job in order to identify and determine its appropriate title, principal responsibilities, other important responsibilities and the knowledge, skills and
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Job Descriptions: Format & Critical Elements

Job Description Definition: A document that summarizes the primary purpose of the job and lists its reporting relationships, principal responsibilities, job qualifications, specific working conditions, and other relevant information that is a
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Sample Job Descriptions/Formats

Job Description Format Definition: The template used as the basis for creating a job description. Important sections that the job description format should include are: 1) Identifying Information, 2) Job Summary, 3)
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Creating a Job Hierarchy

Job Hierarchy Definition: The process of listing and/or grouping jobs in a continuum from entry-level through the most senior level job in the organization. This may be done informally by listing jobs
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